A focus on the process

We all want to be confident when we communicate. We want our voices strong and body language calm. We want to have good content and engage the audience from the start. It is possible to get all that, but it doesn't happen in one single course or coaching session. It’s a process. You need to want to undertake the journey. You need a communication coach who can evaluate your skills, provide feedback on your communication and then it’s on you to use this feedback to try again. Until it feels just right.

The main goal is always going to be to grow: as individuals or teams, so that we can work and socialise better. In the end, communication needs to be at our service- that we use the tools available to achieve the results. How can we do this? By using one of the services below.

Services to help you communicate better

In-company training

Communication skills can be taught! Let me first analyse what kind of challenges your team is facing. Then we can then create a tailored workshop to build your team up in a fun and educational way. Never stop learning!

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Communication workshops

You feel like you are the only person in the world who avoids speaking up. Or you manage to pull through but your communication is not effective. I invite you Join my group workshops, both online and in person to learn exactly how to improve your communication skills.

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Communication manager

Your organisation, a non-profit or association, needs an all-round Comms manager to put all your communication in order. My writing background and experience of project communications provides quality communication consultancy on topics such as strategy, writing, social media and more.

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Want to work together?

Communication coaching, training, workshops , seminars and more. If communication issues are what you need to solve, you have come to the right place. My unique approach to communications will help you “get out of a rut” as soon as we start!


Drop me a line

I get emails from people every day, telling me about their communication woes. Now that you are ready to do something about it, drop me a line and I will tell you what we can do next.

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