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My services 


My in-company training courses, workshops and coaching programmes are a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. Let me teach your people to become: 

  • Professional Presenters and Speakers
  • Skilled Networkers and Public Relations 
  • Excellent Communication practitioners
  • Attentive People Managers and Leaders


I also offer consulting services for non-profit organisations, networks, projects and NGOs in order to help with the following tasks:

  • Recruitment of communication and public relations professionals
  • PR and Communication Strategy and Planning
  • Storytelling and Messaging as the basis of your content strategy 
  • Case studies and testimonials writing to increase trust and brand awareness 

My Courses


 Why work with me?

  • Working with me is an adventure into exploring how others perceive you and your organisation and what you can do about it
  • You receive clarity and a plan, almost like a personal communication strategy. This one, you will actually use.
  • You are in control: you decide the communication goals and skills you want yourself or your the team to focus on. I make sure to choose the best learning method so that the learning stays. 
  • When you work with me, you are not just a client. Be sure that whatever you want to achieve, I will support you.
  • My energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I bring back the meaning and motivation. And yes, I can do that even without coffee. 
  • The results are visible and long-term, making your work atmosphere better and a sense of purpose clear from the moment people meet you.
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