Tailored workshops and Coaching

A customised approach to understanding and improving current skills and strengths while developing a strategy that works!

Masha's programmes: which one is for you?


Individual coaching

Would you like to work with an experienced communication and career coach?

You can work with me on a long-term basis through a tailored Coaching programme ( for employees- please contact me for a quote) . If you are an individual , and just need some help and feedback on your current communication skills, job search or career topics,  just book your session in my calendar!




Are you looking for a tailored workshop for your team? Are you a team leader or Human Resources manager in search of new, quality workshops that will actually make a difference?

I can provide a tailored learning experience ranging from half a day to 3 days, online or on site, covering a wide range of topics. My workshops are interactive, fun, thought provoking and practical. For my workshop themes please see my training brochure.

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The three stages of communication coaching 

In the first two sessions, we will meet to determine:

  • The level of the the desired communication skill at the outset, the obstacles and opportunities for the client 
  • The skill level we aim to achieve for the client, considering the professional environment and needs 

From this exploration, the trainer and the client decide together on the programme and its objectives.  

Phase 2:

We will meet twice a month approximately  and implement the programme. Each session starts with an overview of the the task or challenge that was implemented and a new lesson is introduced. You will learn more about the skill, get a new task  or challenge and relevant feedback in each session. My coaching includes practical exercises in the form of role plays or assessments.

Phase 3: 

Towards the end of our programme, we will reflect on the coaching programme, the level of the skill and how it has progressed. To end the programme, you will make a presentation on the skill, what you have learned, which aspects have improved and what is still a challenge. You will then decide on a future challenge and a milestone to assure that the challenge has been met.( ‘My next 6 month goal’).

Your Workshop leader and coach

Sometimes you need a trusted advisor who can listen to everything that is going on at the moment, put it all in the right place and come up with a plan of what to do next. Naturally, you need to do the hard work by implementing those suggestions and ideas and see them working. Also, you need to keep accountable and motivated - the results will be there, rest assured!

My background makes me the right person to help you with improving your communication because:

  • I am a teacher by education and and , passionate about teaching concepts and ideas
  • I listen and think hard ( = analyse)  what you are telling me. I then come up with plans and strategies to get you to your objective. 
  • Communication and HR is what I do best: I learned from my mother, a diplomat on how to win the hearts and minds of people. In addition, my first job was TV presenter and my employment history all about communication strategy, public relations and planning. 


Drop me a line

I get emails from people every day, telling me about their dreams and plans. Now that you are ready to do something about it, drop me a line and I will tell you what we can do next.

My three strengths 

Passion for teaching

Teaching and mentoring is all about motivating people and helping them come out of their shells. Encouraging them with specific and concrete tips. But most importantly, it is knowing that every single person you meet can always teach you something!

Listening and learning

A good listener is hard to find. Yet listening is the cornerstone of good communication.When you are ready to to improve your communication skills you first need someone to hear you out. Without good listening, there is no understanding.

Positive problem-solving

Consulting is all about problem solving: being creative and courageous and willing to see things from other people’s perspective. In my work I like to play detective. We find out together what is stopping you and where you want to go exactly. 

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